Livelihoods Program (Soap Making) One Year On

After a difficult year filled with uncertainty, financial hardships, and disruptions, the Samaki Community in Kampong Cham continues to produce soap for their regional community, fighting the pandemic and maintaining a reliable source of income.
For Nhem Sokhun, this business means more than just making money. As the leader of the Samaki Soap Community, Nhem feels empowered and proud to be part of the fight against Covid-19. Only in the month of March, the Samaki Soap Community was able to sell 300 litres, and they hope to increase this number to 500 litres in a matter of weeks.
One year on, as the profits of selling liquid soap increase and there is no sign of the pandemic ending in the short term, the Samaki Soap Community hopes to purchase a motor vehicle and expand their businesses to other regional communities in need. Along with the skills required to produce soap, Cufa’s livelihoods Program also continues to provide training in the areas of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and marketing.

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