How much would you give to custard pie your boss? MAD Day 2015


Congratulations to all our wonderful supporters Australia-wide who helped to make MAD Day 2015 the biggest ever so far, raising a record amount!

MAD Day is short for Make A Difference Day, and celebrates the difference we can bring to those living in poverty by supporting CUFA’s work in the Asia-Pacific region. CUFA’s Corporate Liaison Manager, Volodymyr Vasylenkov, said: “The support has been growing every year. Together we can make a real difference!”

Held in October, every year to coincide with Anti-Poverty Week, MAD Day raises funds and awareness of CUFA’s Village Entrepreneur program and other projects, directly helping families break out of poverty through micro-enterprise development.

This year’s record-breaking funds were raised in all manner of MAD ways, from a MAD Bandanna Day and MAD Hatter’s Tea Party, to MAD Fancy Dress and MAD Hallowe’en, and a spectacular Pie Face Day at Teachers Mutual Bank – another record-breaker and the highest amount they have ever raised for CUFA in one day!

TMB’s Pie Face co-organizer Kylie Kempton said: “We’ve always supported CUFA but this year we wanted to break the norm and really think outside the box.” The highlight of the day was a chance for staff to donate for the opportunity to slap a large and very gooey custard pie into the face of one of the very sporting management team. With video footage of CUFA’s inspirational Cambodian programs running in the background, Kylie and her fundraising committee watched in amazement as bids reached as high as $400 per pie.

“This has taken it to the whole next level,” said Kylie, enthusiastically. “It comes down to the engagement process and the passion people feel for the cause. Best of all, people were saying that they’d never had so much fun at work!”

MAD Day records kept on tumbling this year, because for the first time ever we had a corporate team participating: TSWG is a great partner for CUFA through their sponsorship of the Harry Zaphir Award. This year they decided to join in the MAD Day fun for the first time ever. “We saw it as a good opportunity to all get together for a great cause,” said TSWG’s organizer Emily Newley. “Everyone really enjoyed finding out more about the programs, and being able to make a positive contribution.”

The last word has to come from TMB’s Pie Face co-organizer Kylie Kempton: “We all said ‘CUFA is going to be so proud of what we’ve done,’” she said.

You bet we are! Thank you to all who took part, and for sharing your fun on the day:

Queenslanders Credit Union
Teachers Mutual Bank
Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank
Maritime, Mining & Power Credit Union
Laboratories Credit Union
Southern Cross Credit Union

Next year’s MAD Day is October 21, 2016. Registrations are now open, so why not head to to sign up your team? Let’s get together and celebrate the difference we are capable of making to people’s lives!

See more pictures from this year’s MAD Day on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to tell us how you are planning to celebrate MADly in 2016!


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