Making it Happen – CUFA Staff Profile

CUFA could never achieve its exceptional results if it wasn’t for the generous support of our amazing donors, but also our committed and passionate staff. Let’s take a moment to hear from our Children’s Financial Literacy Project Coordinator.

Staff Profile– Phearun Pove

Country– Cambodia

“My current role at CUFA is Children’s Financial Literacy Project Coordinator but when I started I was an office assistant. I’ve been working for CUFA for 9 years now.

What I love about my job is the field work– teaching children in the classroom and visiting the villagers. I also really like hosting overseas delegates. These are the favourite parts of my job.

My work allows me to gain lots of experience and I’ve learnt from different people at different levels, from different cultures. I’ve learnt soft skills and hard skills, and leadership skills too.

My goal is to attain a Master degree in Development Management. This degree will help me to perform my job even better in development work. I want to help my country.

My personal goal is to travel around the world to see more outside of Cambodia, so I can learn how it is different, and what I can do to help in developing my country.”


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