Master in Co-operatives Management and Organisation

Did you know that the University of Newcastle has the Co-operative Management and Organisation Master program? It has been designed to offer extended education to co-operative’s professionals enhancing career opportunities in this field. It is supported by a Graduate Certificate in Co-operative Management and Organisation.

The program teaches fundamental management skills and knowledge from traditional disciplines as well as how such skill and knowledge can be adapted to suit co-operative, mutual, club and registered association business models. Graduates acquire comprehensive understanding of the history and roles of co-operative type organisations and sector specific management issues.


The program aims to produce visionary, globally aware co-operative leaders of tomorrow.


The advanced online learning system of the System provides the flexibility and support to study anywhere, anytime to balance work, life and study. The completion of the postgraduate degree can be done at any time, too. The University offers Recognition of Prior Learning acknowledging achievements in the professional career.

If interested, there is more information on the website of the University of Newcastle HERE.

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