How the generosity of someone like you transformed everyday life for Phalla Brak and his family.

Village Entrepreneur Phalla BrakL-R: Village Entrepreneur Phalla Brak with his family, his pigs and vegetable crops.

Meet Phalla Brak. His life has been dramatically improved thanks to the help and generosity of his Australian Community Investor.

Phalla Brak is from Cambodia where he lives with, and supports his wife, daughter and elderly parents. Prior to joining CUFA’s Village Entrepreneur program, Phalla Brak struggled to make ends meet and provide necessary items for his family such as food, healthcare and clothing.

On top of this, he was battling with a deteriorating leg injury because he was unable to afford the proper treatment. This significantly hindered his ability to generate an income from his only available revenue source – a single female pig.

Since receiving support from his Community Investor in December 2013, Phalla Brak has been empowered to change his life, and the lives of those around him in an amazing way:

  • Phalla Brak could afford the necessary treatment for his leg, which has now healed completely.
  • He expanded his business by raising more pigs, he currently nurtures eight pigs and has been able to build a secure pen for them. He has also expanded his business into chicken raising.
  • He learned technical skills relating to housing pigs and chickens, vaccinations, pig food making, as well as vital budgeting, planning and marketing skills for his business.
  • He has utilised the waste generated from the pigs to make compost for vegetable farming and to create a bio-gas cooker for his family. He has since been able to turn his vegetable farming into another source of income.
  • His family’s living conditions have improved because Phalla Brak was able to earn enough to install electricity in the home, and build them a new kitchen and bathroom.
  • Better income has meant that his daughter could acquire the resources she needs to improve her studies, and make plans for higher education.
  • He has learnt new skills to start another business making beds and tables, and purchased a small plot of land for rice planting.
  • Phalla Brak hosted a study tour for people in his community to share the business model, knowledge and confidence he gained through the Village Entrepreneur program.

‘I was so happy to receive support from my Community Investor to change my life. I must continue working hard to show my appreciation and also so that other people in my community learn from me. I will share all my experiences with them. I wish for good health and success for my Community Investor so they may continue to help people like me.’

– Phalla Brak

Many other deserving candidates in Myanmar, Timor-Leste and Cambodia are patiently awaiting sponsorship from someone like you to activate their Village Entrepreneur journey. For $39 a month for 3 years you can be the reason someone like Phalla Brak is able to transform their life and get themselves and their family out of poverty for good.

Please become a Community Investor. Meet the individuals and families awaiting sponsorship online now at:

If you require more information or assistance at any stage please contact us at [email protected] or phone 1300 490 467.

Together we can end poverty and invest in a brighter, shared future. 

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