Mr. Choun’s sustainable dream.

As the pandemic continues to limit the delivery of our programs in regional Cambodia, our local staff proactively continue supporting our communities. In the video lessons our field officer explains all the necessary steps to create liquid soap. From production, to packing distribution and marketing, our program ensures our recipients are well equipped to access the market.

Recently, our field staff had the opportunity to contact Mr. Choun Ty, one of our most determined members. He is the leader of the Community Social Enterprise, and currently provides affordable soap to his and nearby communities. As our staff discussed current opportunities, but also emerging challenges encountered due to the lockdown measures in some areas of Cambodia, Mr. Choun gladly informed how Cufa’s marketing strategies have increased their capacity to continue being active in the market. 

As the Community Soap Enterprise’s soap business continues to grow, Mr. Chuon said “ I’m so glad we are finally able to provide for our families, despite the pandemic. In the past few months, we have been able to double our monthly profits from  $40 USD to $80 USD.  Given the larger profit, I dream of our soap community growing more sustainably and expanding to new provinces”.

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