Your New Year’s REVolution

Your New Year’s REVolution: sign up for a CUFA Leadership program in 2016!

Is this the year you join our Honour Roll of remarkable CUFA Leadership Challengers and help communities build a brighter future?

Whether you choose kayaking in the pristine waters of Fiji, or cycling through the picturesque rice fields of Cambodia, you’ll get hands-on experience of life in these welcoming communities, meeting the local people and seeing the benefits of CUFA’s work up close.

Kayak Fiji June 4-15 2016

“The experience will be held close to my heart for the rest of my life” – Christine Perry, Hunter Credit Union.

Experience the real Fiji as you kayak approximately 70km in warm, crystal clear waters and take in some of the most beautiful scenery Fiji has to offer. Visit hidden waterfalls, play a game of volleyball with the locals and take part in a traditional sevusevu ceremony.

“I was able to appreciate what an idyllic location it was: standing on the beach, looking out over the ocean, or sitting under the stars with no light pollution whatsoever, kids running around us on the beach. It really was wonderful.”

“Most of all, the Challenge showed us what a valuable role the credit unions play: a reminder that a huge part of our mutual origins is about supporting other communities.” – Chris Mason, Industry Analyst at COBA.

Cycle Cambodia – July 4-15 2016

“This was the most amazing experience, one I will never forget. I didn’t want to come home.” Vicki Hunter, Summerland Credit Union.

What better way to spend two weeks in July than cycling around Cambodia, discovering and participating in CUFA’s in-country programs, meeting Village Entrepreneurs and seeing how the donations of our generous supporters are helping to transform lives. You’ll also get hands-on experience of life in Cambodia, and the thrill of exploring its beauty and history, from the world’s largest temple site at Angkor Wat, to breathtaking waterfalls.

“The experience gave me so much: friends, perspective, appreciation and confidence. I would participate again in a heartbeat.” – Jacqui Adams, Railways Credit Union.

Are you ready to challenge yourself? Find out about CUFA’s Challenge programs. You’ll be fully supported every step of the way by CUFA’s experienced staff, enjoy magnificent scenery, and most importantly of all, see exactly how your fundraising efforts are directly helping to lift people out of poverty.


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