Our Village Entrepreneur Program is still going strong

For those who sponsor our Village Entrepreneur Program, our program staff are hard at work keeping in contact with the entrepreneurs trying to ensure that they are getting the same quality assistance and training provided before the pandemic, delivered remotely. Our program staff are contacting the entrepreneurs over the phone to provide training and counselling to each individual entrepreneur and working with our volunteers in the village entrepreneur communities to monitor their progress.

Here, one of volunteers is counselling two village entrepreneurs, presenting them with handouts that our Cambodia office have developed to assist the entrepreneurs. On the phone of one of our volunteers they are viewing an instructional learning video made by Cufa, which we believe can continue to deliver our regular training. 


Here, our village entrepreneur program officer is counselling a village entrepreneur regarding their micro-enterprise, providing further assistance and clarification regarding the videos supplied by Cufa. By contacting the entrepreneur independently, they can assist each entrepreneur to their needs. As the program officer reports, some entrepreneurs cannot read and the contains either need to be explained to them, or their children read it out for them.

Some Village Entrepreneurs are making the most of the situation however, as one of the program officers reports that “as borders are closed currently, so the domestic farming product prices have been increasing notably, and we advised the VEs to increase the supply of their products.” Our Village Entrepreneur Officer, states that “Though the Village Entrepreneurs are finding it difficult adapting to the Coronavirus, many are making the most of it”.

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