Our Village Entrepreneurs Now on Social Media

As some of you know, the continuing lockdown measures implemented around regional Cambodia have disrupted the businesses of our Village Entrepreneurs. Although our Cufa staff is able to provide training online and via telephone,  the display of products and livestock to clients has been challenging for our VEs.

As a result, some of our VEs are now promoting their products online. Among these is Samnang Sok, husband and father of two children, whose business was greatly impacted by Covid.  Since 2018, Samnang has been an active VE member, receiving financial support to expand his vegetable farm thanks to his Community Investor in Australia. During the pandemic in 2020, Samnang, along with many of his fellow VEs, was able to rapidly adapt to the pandemic through sanitation methods and social distancing, but as 2021 brought a higher number of Covid cases to Cambodia, the recent lockdown measures threatened his sales.

Thanks to the marketing skills provided by our Cambodian staff, Samnang now promotes all his products on social media, ensuring he can maintain a constant engagement with his clients, whilst also providing social distancing, packaging, and home delivery. Throughout these challenging times, Cufa will continue providing training and support to all our VEs, maximising their profits and lifting them and their families out of poverty.

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