Partner with CUFA to Make History for Myanmar

Myanmar is at a historic stage in its development, and at CUFA we’re asking for community investors like you to help grow our exciting new Village Entrepreneur program there.

In Myanmar, poverty levels are at an estimated 26% of the population – but that figure DOUBLES in rural areas where 70% of the population lives.

CUFA has been in Myanmar since 2011, focusing our projects on developing village savings banks in ultra-poor communities in several provinces, enhancing women’s economic empowerment and growing teachers’ financial power.


It takes just $39 a month – just over $1 a day – to turn a family’s life around forever. Read the story of 70-year- old San Myint from Taik Kyi province, a member of the Suk Su Family Village Self-Help Group. San Myint’s goals are to ensure her family gets enough food and her youngest grandson can continue with school. She also dreams that one day she can see her son walk again:

“I don’t know how long an old lady like me can keep working to support my family.

I am San Myint. I am a 70-year- old widow with a son and two grandchildren living with me. My husband passed away 15 years ago. My son had an accident a few years ago, and now he is paralysed and unable to walk. The big responsibilities have fallen to me and I don’t know how long an old lady like me can keep working to support my family. I am a part-time masseuse and my 17-year- old grandson is a waiter in a small restaurant. Together we barely earn $1.50 per day.

I would like to set up a small chicken raising business so I can earn a regular income close to my home and also look after my son. I am committed and knowledgeable, and I am certain that this business will make a huge difference to my family.”

Your small contribution can play a vital role in improving San Myint and her family’s lives. Invest in a Village Entrepreneur like San Myint now.


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