Providing Financial Literacy in Times of Adversity

Recent political turmoil, as well as the spread of Covid-19 in Myanmar has been challenging for Cufa’s Children’s Financial Literacy program. Yet, Cufa continues to deliver these transformational lessons for the future.

Hayma is a 12-year-old CFL student from Myanmar, whose financial literacy lessons have encouraged her to influence her new saving habits to her family, particularly her younger brother Nyan. Before Hayma received her financial literacy training, she often spent her pocket money on hair accessories and dolls. Although Hayman found good use of these, she did not have any saving habits for her future expenses and her parents were concerned, but struggled to save as well.  As Hayma commenced her financial literacy journey with Cufa, it only took her two classes for her saving habits to rapidly change, and she is now saving her pocket money for school supplies and clothing.

“Thanks to the financial literacy lessons, I now know about basic financial concepts and how to maintain strong saving habits. Recently, I have given these lessons to my own brother, and I hope to teach my parents how we can save more”

The delivery of this program would not be possible without the support of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through its Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). Cufa will continue delivering these pivotal programs, whilst ensuring the safety of our staff in the field.

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