Stand Up for Australian Aid

By Keira Morris-Akeroyd

Last week the Australian government delivered another blow to the aid budget, announcing that it would cut a further $3.7 billion from aid spending, bringing the total cuts to almost $11 billion in the past year alone.

These cuts signify a step away from the creation of a just and equal world.

We here at CUFA are proud to stand alongside a number of Australian development agencies in supporting the Campaign for Australian Aid and call on you, our generous supporters, to do the same.

Australian aid makes an incredible difference to the lives of people all over the world. From financial empowerment to disease prevention, the provision of aid has helped millions of people living in poverty to begin to build a brighter future.

We see the impact first-hand through our projects and know that effective aid spending is invaluable in helping people to break the poverty cycle.  As an organisation, we have helped to provide financial education to over 59,000 children, enabling them to save for a brighter future.

As a nation, we have helped over 34 million children in developing countries to attend and complete primary school. Just one example of the power of aid.

On the back of the cuts, our reach, as a nation, is in danger of being severely limited. Our aid contribution is set to plummet to the lowest in history, falling to just 0.23 per cent of our gross national income and making us one of the least generous aid-giving nations in the world.

Join us in campaigning for Australian Aid. Share this article on Facebook or Twitter and visit Campaign for Australian Aid to see how you can help.

Act now. Stand up for Australian Aid.  

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