Sun, sea and savings groups

Congratulations to our Fijian Challengers who recently embarked on an 11-day adventure of kayaking, community service and knowledge exchange around the untouched wilderness of Fiji, from Natovi jetty back to Nananu-i-Ra Island in the northern area of Viti Levu.

Our challengers broke their fundraising target, raising valuable funds to support CUFA’s projects across the Asia Pacific region as well as finding support for the village entrepreneur program, giving nine Timorese and Cambodians the chance to chance to lift themselves out of poverty by setting up a small business.

Our Challenges saw first-hand how CUFA and OCCUL (Oceania Confederation of Credit Union Leagues) are empowering communities within the Pacific region to gain financial independence and increase their financial literacy skills. Visits to the Fiji Savings and Credit Union League as well as two of Suva’s largest credit unions, the Fijian Nursing and Associates Credit Union and the Fiji Public Service Credit Union provided an opportunity for the Challengers and Fijian Credit Union staff to exchange stories and ideas on credit union operations and future developments in Australia and Fiji.

Congratulations and thank you to the Challengers and their sponsors: NGS Super, My Credit Union, Macquarie Credit Union, CUA and Bridges Financial Services as well as the OCCUL team and Fijian Savings Banks and Credit Unions for their generous time in hosting the Challengers.

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