Teachers making a difference in Myanmar

 We’re pleased to release the Myanmar Teachers Project report


Since 2013 CUFA, in partnership with Teachers Mutual Bank, Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank and QT Mutual Bank, have been working in Myanmar to deliver the Teachers’ Project.

The project aims to help teachers working and living in disadvantaged communities in the Shan State and in Taik Kyi township in the Yangon region of Myanmar by financially empowering the community as a whole.

Providing funds to community owned financial institutions, CUFA works with them to generate interest and grow their loan pools. This interest is then used to supplement the salaries of teachers who, before the project, often struggled to survive on less than $2 a day.

By helping to develop these communities, CUFA is ensuring that teachers’ salaries are increased, retention rates are improved and access to quality education is more widely available. Ultimately, the project is helping to empower whole communities to build a brighter future, free from poverty.

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Teachers Project Report 2015


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