Thank you TMB and Orange CU for supporting the Cyclone Pam relief effort

CUFA would like to thank Teachers Mutual Bank and Orange Credit Union for their generous contribution to CUFA’s Cyclone Pam emergency relief appeal.  

Their donations will provide much needed humanitarian support to those affected by the immensely destructive cyclone. This includes providing emergency medical care, food and shelter to the thousands affected by the natural disaster.

All of the money raised from CUFA’s emergency relief appeal will be donated to the Red Cross who are currently on the ground in Vanuatu. They are working to provide medical care to the injured, support people at evacuation centres and distribute emergency relief items, such as hygiene kits and tarpaulins for emergency shelter.

 With the official death toll rising to 24 and an estimated 70 per cent of the country’s population displaced, urgent support is needed for the Pacific Island Nation.



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