Thoughts from Cambodia with TMB

In March, Cufa hosted a group from Teachers Mutual Bank (TMB) on a tour through Cambodia to see our programs and learn about the local culture, history and way of life

This is what some of them had to say!


Name Smitha Ramaswamy

What were your expectations of the trip? “I grew up in India and had heard that many Cambodian kings were of Indian origin, hence had a lot of religious influence from India during ancient times. I was keen to see the similarities and differences with some of those influences in culture and the Cambodian way of life.”

Who did you enjoy meeting from the Cambodia trip? “The Cufa staff, Pichar, Kundi and Tola, that accompanied us during the day and night trips and were our guides, translators and escorts. We exchanged a lot of personal stories and they definitely were a key to making this study tour a memorable one.”

Any other comments? “I would like to thank Cufa for the wonderful hospitality and what this tour had to offer. Congratulations Cufa for doing amazing work in this space. I am so grateful for this opportunity and so proud to be associated with organisations that believe that building a better future begins with education and a small change in mindset.”


Name Joanna Damianakis

What were your expectations of the trip? “To be going on a trip with my colleagues, visiting schools, Village Entreprenuers, credit unions, but being a part of it and to see it for real was amazing and overwhelming. I didn’t know the severity of the poverty.”

Which Cufa projects did you find most interesting and why? “They were all interesting, but what I found inspiring was the Village Entrepreneurs. The way they are serious about getting involved in starting a business and so grateful for the help they get.”

Any other comments? “I found the study tour an opportunity to see firsthand how determined these people are and that the work that Cufa does is so great.”

Thank you, Smitha and Joanna from Teachers Mutual Bank for sharing your thoughts!

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