TIAW and Cufa Team up to #Breakthebias

Cufa has teamed up with #The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) to #breakthebias on so many levels for women entrepreneurs in rural Myanmar through our Empowering Women Entrepreneurs (EWE) program.

For many women in Myanmar, they have been hit with the double crises of COVID-19 and political instability, which has resulted in low job security, an increase in commodity prices and a decrease in value of their currency. This has meant that to survive, businesses have needed to adapt.

TIAW has supported Cufa to work with women entrepreneurs in rural Myanmar to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to strengthen their own micro-businesses coupled with access to micro-loans and financial planning advice. This will lead to the participants increasing their understanding of their current business status, being able to develop business strategies and plans and providing access to affordable business loans through Cufa-supported Community Saving Banks.

This project showcases the resilience of women entrepreneurs supporting their households and communities, bolstering their confidence and self-belief, and connecting with other fierce females – all while having lots of fun in the process!

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