Use your skills to help people living in poverty

By David Nguyen, Programs Manager CUFA

CUFA are seeking skilled volunteers -Opportunities to play an integral, hands-on role in CUFA’s development projects in Cambodia and Timor Leste are now available.

CUFA are seeking individuals who have extensive skills in accounting, bookkeeping and auditing to assist and work alongside our Project Officers in-country. The volunteer opportunities are ideally suited to an individual who would like to give back and has the time and flexibility to commit to one week on the ground in Cambodia or Timor Leste 1-2 times per year, as well as 1-2 hours on a weekly basis from Australia. Travel and living costs whilst in-country will be covered by CUFA.

The opportunities are available to you or to your staff which will provide them with a rewarding professional development opportunity.

If you or your staff member is passionate about international development and helping reduce poverty, the available positions are ideal.

To learn more about CUFA’s Volunteer opportunities, click here.

Applications close 31 March 2014
* Applications submitted by individuals from our current member organizations will be given preference.

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