Welcoming Our New Board Directors

We are proud to welcome these three new directors onto the board of Cufa Ltd. These new board members have been chosen due to their wisdom and knowledge in key areas relevant to Cufa.


Damon Jalili

Damon is a government relations and strategic communications specialist with over 20 years’ experience in designing and delivering government relations, strategic communications and social research programs for high profile clients in Australia and internationally. He has experience in Federal Government working for the Finance Minister as well as on multiple federal and state political campaigns. Damon is the owner and Principal of Christmas Jalili, a public affairs, strategic communications and social research advisory consulting private sector organisations and industry groups on issues in business, finance and politics. Prior to that, Damon was also a Partner and Head of the Government Relations Practice at Kreab (formerly Gavin Anderson).


Jo Maloney

Jo is a senior executive with more than 15 years’ experience working across non-profit and government sectors to build awareness of complex social issues in Australia and South East Asia. Her expertise encompasses media relations, government engagement, fundraising, community development and corporate partnerships. Jo was the CEO of Project Futures, and the International Policy Advisor for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Senior Communications and Partnerships Adviser, World Vision Australia. Jo was a member of the Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Committee.


Amanda Young

Amanda Young is an Indigenous woman to the Pacific Islands who has worked extensively across the political, social and economic equity of Indigenous people. A lawyer by trade, she has worked in criminal law, government, commerce and as the CEO of an Australian Indigenous economic charity where her impact led to the first Indigenous financial wellbeing strategy, a world-first Indigenous financial edutech program and a superannuation outreach program which reunited $24 million Indigenous superannuation with its remote and regional owners in a matter of days. This work earned her several award nominations and successes. As an Atlantic Fellow for Social and Economic Equity at the London School of Economics, and has attended Harvard and Stanford executive business schools, Amanda’s most recent work is on global regenerative and distributive economies.

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