Women, Violence and the Law

Conversations in Development PodcastA unique new episode had been released this week in the Conversations in Development podcast series. The podcast was started by Cufa to discuss a diverse range of topics within the development field such as advocacy, child labour, voluntourism and many more. The series has had a range of expert guests and the next episode features Clare Brown, a human rights lawyer who currently works as the Legal Program Manager at Legal Action Worldwide (LAW).

The episode, Women, Violence and the Law, was released on Monday 24 June as Clare discusses a range of issues facing women in countries like Somalia and Lebanon with the podcasts usual host, Dr Peter Mason.

The regions surrounding Somalia and Lebanon have some of the lowest rates of gender equality in the world. Peter speaks with Clare about her experiences working in the region. They discuss the lived experience, many of the issues that women face and triggers of sexual-based violence, as well as exploring the current climate for legal advocacy work and the overall progress that has been made in these countries.

Clare Brown is an international human rights lawyer and currently works as the Legal Program Manager at Legal Action Worldwide (LAW). Clare has been in this position for almost six years after working as a legal intern at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Her work sees her based between Kenya and Somalia with travel to South Sudan and Lebanon, developing and implementing creative legal interventions to address human rights violations with a focus on sexual violence and violations committed by security forces.

Catch up by listening to the previous episode, Advocacy and Health, available on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast app. Women, Violence and the Law is streaming now!

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