Women’s Self-Help Group Given Reason to Celebrate

Last month, Shwe Myanmar Self-Help Group (SHG) celebrated its 2nd anniversary. The SHG is located in Tha Yet Chaung Village, Taik Kyi Township and currently has 124 members. It is also one of our many female-focused groups, allowing for women to have greater access to financial services and financial education.

The SHG is part of Cufa’s Credit Union Development project, providing the members of credit unions an opportunity to participate in training sessions on varying topics to further their financial education. It also acts as a platform where members can meet and initiate open discussion. The aim of the day was not only to celebrate the group’s achievements but also to inform other self-help groups about their success and look towards the future.

The ceremonies agenda included:

  • Opening address from the Village Tract Administrator
  • Speech delivered by the Cufa Country Manager
  • History of the group presented by the Chair
  • Presentation on the journey so far
  • A general look ahead to the future of SHGs in the local township
  • Q and A session

Daw Nyunt Nyunt Kyi, chairperson of the group committee had a very active role in the ceremony. After submitting the financial reports, she guided the day through presentations and a Q and A session. She was extremely happy with the turnout, looking ahead to a brighter future.

Committee members of other SHGs were also in attendance, taking notes on how to improve their own groups. The day was full of fruitful ideas and we look forward to seeing more of the same from other groups in the future!

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