A little bit of vocational assistance makes a life changing difference

As a participant of Cufa’s Strengthening Resettlement and Income Restoration Implementation (SRIRI) program, Torn Chanteth was affected by the Cambodian government’s decision to rehabilitate a disused railway track where he had been living. He now lives in one of the newly established neighbourhoods around Phnom Penh.

Due to Torn’s family situation, he was unable to finish his education and found himself working night shifts for low wages.

In February of this year, Torn applied with Cufa’s Vocational Placement Strategy (VPS) staff for employment assistance. He was given an interview with a guesthouse for the position of receptionist assistant. They immediately hired him and he was even promoted to a full-time receptionist in July!

This change has had a profound impact on Torn’s life as he is now better equipped to support his wife and child financially and can begin paying off his loan. His manager has also been very happy with his performance and expanded his duties within the workplace.

Torn acknowledges that the help of the VPS staff has changed his life. He told Cufa, I would like to thank the VPS staff. They provided the opportunity for myself and other affected participants to find jobs.” Torn would encourage anyone else in his community to seek assistance from the team.

Cufa works throughout the Asia-Pacific, focusing on education, employment, enterprise and developing economic institutions. The assistance that is provided throughout disadvantaged communities gives people a hand up, not a handout.

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