Excitement as Count4Kids hits classrooms

In a ground-breaking collaboration between the CPA Australia and the Children’s Financial Literacy Program, our first educational App, Count4Kids, caused a sensation in the classrooms of Chhouk village in central Cambodia this month.

The App stars Ronnie-the-Riel (RIEL is the official Cambodian currency) and his sister Reaksmey who teach children all about smart saving and spending and the importance of setting financial goals, all in a fun and interactive way. The App is preloaded onto tablets for delivery directly to the participating schools. Most remarkable of all? Most of these children have never seen a tablet, let alone had the opportunity to play with one.

CUFA’s Children’s Financial Literacy Coordinator, Phearun Pove, who masterminded the project, said: “The children really enjoyed playing the educational game, and couldn’t wait for their turn.

“They love the fact that they can use the tablet during their studies. All in all, the children were just very excited with the new training tool that CUFA has brought to them, to help them learn more about financial literacy.”

Vantha, aged eight, said: “The game is easy to play and I like competing against my friends to get the highest score.”

Nine-year-old Chheng added: “I really like the pictures of Ronnie the Riel and all the Cambodian money. The game will help me to learn more and do sums faster.”

CPA Australia’s General Manager – Education, Antony Matis, was on-hand in Chhouk village with CUFA chief executive Dr Peter Mason to launch the app and distribute the tablets. Dr Mason said that CUFA has made great progress in improving financial literacy in Cambodia and across the Asian region with its Children’s Financial Literacy Program.

“Our program has so far provided more than 70,000 Cambodian students with financial education lessons,” Dr Mason said. “CUFA’s partnership with CPA Australia has enabled a new and exciting element to CUFA’s CFL Program with the Count4Kids Cambodia Project providing access to technology and the opportunity to learn about technology.”

We would like to acknowledge and congratulate Phearun, the Cambodian team, and CPA Australia for the success of this project, a milestone for children’s financial literacy in Cambodia.

A picture tells a thousand words witness the magic lighting up these children’s faces HERE.

DID YOU KNOW? A$1 = 2,849 KHR (Cambodian RIEL)

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