MAD Day Updates 2016

CUFA’s MAD (Make A Difference) Day took place during Anti-Poverty Week on the 21st October 2016, and we have been stoked to receive such a positive response from all the participants. MAD Day raised support for CUFA’s International Project Fund, and specifically our Children’s Financial Literacy Program, which provides the opportunity for children living in poverty to learn the necessary skills they need to change their lives.

We  had participants from across Australia taking part in MAD Day raising charity  for CUFA whilst having lots of fun on a beautiful and warm Friday. All our event participants chose very creative and entertaining party theme’s, and it was genuinely tough to choose the top three groups to name as our 2016 Champions. We would like to say a big thank you to all those who participated to make MAD Day 2016 a big success for us. With your continued support we can continue our important work.


Also, we have finally chosen our three MAD Day Champions of the year! They are the Queenslanders Credit Union, the Heritage Isle Credit Union and the Laboratories Credit Union.


Here are a few pictures of the MAD Day Champion’s that we would love to share with you. We are sure you will appreciate their enthusiasm and the fun they had as much as we did. If you feel you have missed out this year, do not worry! Sign up to our newsletter to ensure you are among the first to hear about our MAD Day plans for 2017. There is nothing better than contributing to a worthwhile cause whilst having truckloads of fun with your friends, family or work colleagues.

Here are the pictures of our first MAD Day Champion – The Heritage Isle Credit Union. We particularly loved their fun-loving spirit and enthusiasm.

MAD Day collage1

Our second MAD Day Champion – The Laboratories Credit Union impressed us with their entertaining costumes. Check it out for yourself in the picture below:

collage LCU


And last but not the least,  we chose the Queenslanders Credit Union as our third MAD Day Champion. We totally loved their ”Smartie Partie” theme and not only that, they looked so colourful themselves too. Here they are:

mad day CUFA


Once again, we would like to say thank you to all those who participated this year. We appreciate every little effort you took and look forward to having you all on board next year for the MAD Day too.







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