“The most exciting and thought-provoking trip!”

We take our hats off to our remarkable 2015 Cycle Cambodia Challengers, Ally Bruhn, Melissa Treacy and Greg Wilson, who spent nearly two weeks in July cycling around Cambodia, discovering and participating in CUFA’s in-country programs, seeing exactly how the donations from our generous supporters help people build a brighter future. The team also got hands-on experience of life in Cambodia, meeting Village Entrepreneurs and participating in financial literacy classes.

Ally Bruhn, from Service One, described it as “the most exciting and thought-provoking trip.” “I can’t praise the CUFA Cambodia staff enough,” she said. “Their commitment to the Cambodian children with the Children’s Financial Literacy program, and the support for the Village Entrepreneurs, is commendable.”

Like the other challengers, Greg from Summerland Credit Union found the experience inspirational. “It was great to see how effective the projects are at helping people and communities,” he said. “I feel proud that Australians are contributing to this great work.”

Melissa, from Railways Credit Union, agreed: “The training and support CUFA gives to the Village Entrepreneurs is evident and I was very impressed.”

“The entrepreneurs we met really inspired me,” she added. “They are working so hard for their families and communities.”

While the main goal of the Cycle Cambodia Challenge is to provide an opportunity for supporters to get an up-close look at CUFA’s programs in-country, it’s not all hard work. The 300 km round trip also gave our Challengers a chance to explore some of Cambodia’s beauty and history, including the world’s largest temple site, the nine centuries old Angkor Wat, through rice fields, breathtaking countryside and past impressive waterfalls.

And all for lasting benefit. As Melissa put it: “I have grown personally from this experience, and also professionally. I feel that I am looking at daily challenges and experiences in a different way.”

Are you ready to challenge yourself? Find out about CUFA’s Challenge programs HERE. You’ll be fully supported every step of the way by CUFA’s experienced staff, enjoy magnificent scenery, and most importantly of all, see exactly how your fundraising efforts are directly helping to lift people our of poverty.

What’s the most challenging thing you have ever done to raise funds for a cause? Share your stories on our Facebook page now!

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