Cufa’s 50th Anniversary

2021 marks Cufa’s 50th year, and to commemorate this, Cufa has worked with two knowledgeable scholars from Sydney University to write the history of Cufa, our

Mr. Choun’s sustainable dream.

As the pandemic continues to limit the delivery of our programs in regional Cambodia, our local staff proactively continue supporting our communities. In the video

Sokhorn’s Success Story

We recently brought you the story of Sophea, a former Village Entrepreneur. In this story, we bring you Sokhorn Kreong, whose life’s story of creating

Cambodia Staff Update

As you may know, Cambodia is currently dealing with a significant outbreak of Covid-19, resulting in lockdown measures being implemented in multiple urban areas around

Dreaming Big for her Family

As the sound of heavy traffic passing by the motorway announces the start of a busy morning, Sophin knows that it will be a good

A University Dream

According to the World Economic Forum, Cambodia ranks 124th out of 137 countries with access to Tertiary Education, and only 10% of the population has